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Wuji Qigong- The Art of Standing Meditation

Wuji Qigong The Art of Standing Meditation

Heng Xing Zi explanes and teaches the basic principles of wuji. Wuji Qigong is the art of standing meditation and the approximation of yuan chi that makes tai chi possible. To learn more about dragongate tai chi, go to their website at www.dragongatetaichiusa.com

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Wuji Qigong 18 rules of posture

Wuji Qigong 18 forms

Wuji (18 rules of Posture) – Qigong Exercise The Wuji 18 rules of posture: Feet are flat, straight and shoulder width Knees slightly bent Hips relaxed Perineum rounded Anal sphincter gently closed (and vaginal wall for women Lower abdomen pulled in Waist relaxed Chest hollow Spine elongated Shoulders relaxed Elbows sink Armpits open Wrists relax Head is suspended Chin tucked …

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