Best Qigong Books 2020

In this day and age there is a lot of information available online in the form of videos and articles. There is much you can learn about Qigong on the internet. Especially for those who are interested in alternative ways of healing subjects like Qigong, Tai Chi and Reiki.

But if you want to expand your knowledge and are serious on the subject reading books are your best option. There is just too much valuable information packed in traditional books.

5 best Qigong books of 2020

As Qigong is getting more popular throughout the western world, more people are discovering this ancient for of healing. This also means more information is coming out in the form of books and DVD’s’. Not always is there the genuine motive to educate and spread the knowledge on Qi, Qigong and TCM.

This is why I decided to compile a list of 5 Qigong books that have proven to be beneficial to beginners as well as to people who already familiar with Qigong. There is no order to these 5 books since the reason to study Qigong is not the same for everybody.


The Way of QigongQigong-book-The-Way-of-Qigong-smallCheck Price
The Root of Chinese Qigong
Qigong-book-The-Root-of-Chinese-Qigong-smallCheck Price
Qigong Through the SeasonsQigong-book-Qigong-Through-the-Seasons-front-smallCheck Price
Qigong MeditationQigong-book-Qigong-Meditation-smallCheck Price
The Healing Promise of QiQigong-book-Qigong-The-Healing-Promise-of-Qi-front-smallCheck Price

The Way of Qigong

This book does an excellent job in explaining Qigong. From the history of Qigong, the science, illustrations and diet.

This book leaves nothing untouched and is a great reference book to Qigong. This is great book for beginners as well as guide for experienced practitioners of Qigong.

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The Root of Chinese QigongQigong-book-The-Root-of-Chinese-Qigong-front

This book is loaded with information about Qigong. Not so much a book you just read but more a book to be studied. The Root of Chinese Qigong is a great read for beginners as well as for those who have some experience in Qigong.

It goes in dept on all aspects of Qigong, such as breathing, acupuncture, meridians and the cultivation of chi energy.

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Qigong Through the Seasons


Qigong is more than only exercises, it’s a science and a way of living.

In the TCM everything is approached holistically, the belief is that everything is connected and has it’s influence on the body and mind.

This book goes in dept on illness, chi and the appropriate foods to eat depending on the time of the year.

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Qigong Meditation


This book is for those that are interested in going deeper in the science of Qigong and it’s exercises.

This book has three main themes; History, definition and technique.


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The Healing Promise of Qi


Although this book is pleasurable to read, you may find yourself pausing to process the information given. This book is a great for exploring Qigong and for using it as a reference to study.

Some describe this book as life changing since it explains in detail the way to cultivate of the so called “three treasures” Jing (body) Qi (heart) and Shen (spirit).

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