Qigong with Jessica Kolbe: Qigong for Balance and Fall Prevention

Awesome Qigoing Documentary Practice fun and easy exercises to improve balance. As we age there are many factors that can affect our balance: failing eyesight, medications, degenerating bone and muscle strength, more time spent sitting, strokes and disease. The good news is that we can improve our balance very quickly. This DVD has lateral balance exercises, forward/ backward balance exercises …

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Qigong Ecstasy and Group Healing with Robert Peng

Awesome Qigoing Documentary 14 weeks online course starts on February 2 Saturday: YI JIN JING – 14 Weeks of BodyMind Transformation About Robert Peng: Free Download full version of audiobook(4.5 hrs) and 2 Qigong videos for a limited time: Robert Peng is a qigong master trained by a legendary monk named Xiao Yao during the cultural revolution. …

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Qigong Background Documentary


A great Qigong documentary about the beautiful healing movements of Qigong, and of course the healing power of Qigong. This short documentary explains very well how Qigong originated and the enormous healing benefits of Qigong. With Dutch subtitles

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