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Qigong for Beginners

How to Perform Qigong for Beginners

How to Perform Qigong for Beginners Demonstrating How to Perform Qigong for Beginners. Hand Foot Reflexology Health Institute International – http://www.handfootreflex.com Subscibe to my Podcas… source

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8 Simple Movements of Qigong for Beginners by Jake Mace

www.MonkXu.com Experimental evidence suggests the following healing effects of qigong exercises and meditations. Cardiovascularlower resting heart rate; normalized EKG, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels Respiratoryslower respiratory rate, improves gaseous exchange, significant benefits for asthma & bronchitis Immune Systembetter targeting of antigens, significant anti-cancer effect Circulationimproves microcirculation, prevents vascular spasms, very helpful for angina, migraine, and Reynaud's Syndrome (cold hands & …

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