China’s Mystical All-Purpose Art: Qigong

Awesome Qigoing Documentary

Qigong (July 1995)
Qigong is the art of harnessing the force that is said to give nature its pattern.

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Millions of Chinese get out of bed for it every morning. A qualified physiotherapist uses it to treat her patients. People break bricks in half with it. And it’s more dedicated followers believe that it can help beat cancer. Followers believe that Qigong energy can be transferred from one person to another. They say that mice infused with Qigong energy can swim longer than mice without it. In China mass healings are carried out using the energy. There is no doubt Qigong keeps its followers fit and healthy. And although there is scepticism about its more tenuous abilities, for millions of Chinese, Qigong works.

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Produced by ABC Australia – Ref 137
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