Qigong Ecstasy and Group Healing with Robert Peng

Awesome Qigoing Documentary

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About Robert Peng: https://www.robertpeng.com

Free Download full version of audiobook(4.5 hrs) and 2 Qigong videos for a limited time:

Robert Peng is a qigong master trained by a legendary monk named Xiao Yao during the cultural revolution. As part of his training he did A 100 day water fast in a dark chamber in a remote mountain monastery. As part of that experience, Robert went through a profound spiritual transformation and developed extraordinary healing powers. The audiobook describing this journey can be downloaded for FREE for a limited time. https://www.robertpeng.com

This is a full video when Robert Peng was leading a Qigong talk on Wake Up Festival held by Sounds True. Please feel free to dive in the practice with him and get the Qi empowerment and Group Healing.

0:00–3:20 Tami’s introduction of Robert Peng
3:20–5:15 Qi game – Growing finger with your mind
5:15–6:20 Receiving Posture
6:20–11:40 What is Qi, Energy center for Wisdom, Love, and Vitality
11:40–32:40 Qigong Ecstasy (Exercise)
1. Shaking
2. Stroking the waterfall
3. Turning the Wheel of Heaven
4. Playing Qi ball
32:40–43:15 Nourishing Qi
43:15–45:30 Inner Smile
45:30–End Group Healing

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