Shandong JiuGong BaGua Accupoint Striking System Documentary

Amazing Qigoing Documentary

JiuGong BaGua Dian Xue
The Nine Palace Eight Diagram Accupoint Striking style is a traditional martial art of Shandong province.
The style originates with a member of the Yi He Tuan (Righteous Harmony Society)(A.K.A. the Boxers Society), during the late Qing dynasty.
After having practiced martial arts for years along with the rituals of the Yi He Tuan he began to be visited in his dreams by a celestial being who transmitted the methods of this school to him.
It is a complete system including over 40 empty hand and weapon forms, qigong, medical skills, and specializes in accupoint striking methods.
This art is it’s own system and is completely unrelated to BaGua Zhang.


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