Taoism Documentary Disclosure Series – Episode 2 – BaiMaShan GongFu BaguaZhang

Amazing Qigoing Documentary

Five Immortals Temple – Wudang, China.


Welcome to our Taoism Documentary – BaiMaShan Disclosure.
We are a group of people from all around the world interested in exploring and disseminating the wisdom and teachings of ancient Daoist culture. In this Taoism Documentary we are eager to help people clearly understand the concepts and content behind Medicine and Healing, Martial Arts, Philosophy, Religion and Spiritual Practice, Art, Music and more.
The Taoism Documentary takes you on a journey to explore the mystery behind: GongFu, TaiJi Quan, QiGong, Yi Jing and Internal Alchemy and to dive into profound topics of endogenous Rituals, Scriptures and Mythology.
We want to allow you to see the world from the perspective of Daoist temple lifestyle, FengShui and Cultivation.

We feel honored and fortunate that for the first time LiShifu, the abbot of the temple, agrees to present and disclose in the Taoism Documentary, a series of videos, where the essence of all these topics are investigated to their core and revealed in all their facets in order to open up a different way of thinking.

To have found LiShiFu who integrates all facets of Daoism in his teachings and furthermore approaches them in an holistic way is a unique situation and can probably be called destiny.

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