The Therapeutic Touch: Healing In The New Age (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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This 1979 documentary primarily focuses on the work of Dr. Dolores Krieger – a specialist in hemoglobin research and professor of nursing at New York University. We observe Dr. Krieger teaching a seminar, doing research in the laboratory, and utilizing the special healing techniques involved in her world-renowned “therapeutic touch” method while working with patients. This film also briefly touches on the research of some of Dr. Krieger’s colleagues.

Two of the more well-known researchers that are featured in this documentary include:

• Dr. Dolores Krieger

Website Homepage

• Dr. Elmer Green



• Narrator/Host: Elda Hartley
• Script, Direction, and Editing: Elda Hartley
• Camera: Nick Doob and Elda Hartley
• Sound: David Gomez
• Producer: Elda Hartley

With Special Thanks To:

• Dr. Dolores Krieger
• Dr. Elmer Green
• Dr. Alyce Green
• Sr. Justa Smith
• Dr. Olga Worrall
• Alan Lundell
• Janet Macrae
• G.O. Armond
• Marie Rose Michel
• Dana Crino

This documentary is the property of Elda Hartley. It has been uploaded for nonprofit, educational purposes only. Permission for its redistribution was generously granted to me by the Hartley Film Foundation. You can visit the official website of the foundation by clicking the link below:


• Therapeutic Touch International Association (Official Website):

Website Homepage

• “The Dimensions Of Healing: An Interview With Dolores Krieger”:

• “The Therapeutic Touch: How to Use Your Hands to Help or to Heal” by Dolores Krieger (Book):

• “Accepting Your Power to Heal: The Personal Practice of Therapeutic Touch” by Dolores Krieger (Book):

• “Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook” by Dolores Krieger (Book):

• “Beyond Biofeedback” by Elmer and Alyce Green (Book):

• “The Body Electric: A Personal Journey into the Mysteries of Parapsychological Research, Bioenergy, and Kirlian Photography” by Thelma Moss (Book):

• “Healers and the Healing Process: A Report on 10 Years of Research by 14 World Famous Investigators” by George W. Meek (Book):


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