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Wuji Qigong 18 rules of posture

Wuji (18 rules of Posture) – Qigong Exercise

The Wuji 18 rules of posture:

  1. Feet are flat, straight and shoulder width
  2. Knees slightly bent
  3. Hips relaxed
  4. Perineum rounded
  5. Anal sphincter gently closed (and vaginal wall for women
  6. Lower abdomen pulled in
  7. Waist relaxed
  8. Chest hollow
  9. Spine elongated
  10. Shoulders relaxed
  11. Elbows sink
  12. Armpits open
  13. Wrists relax
  14. Head is suspended
  15. Chin tucked
  16. Eyes close
  17. Mouth closed, Ears closed, Nose open
  18. Tongue to upper palate–where teeth meet the roof

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