Healing Chi-Gong

Chi-gong is one of the best Chinese healing excercise which has it’s roots in the traditional Chinese system over 4000 years ago. When people pratcice Chi-Gong one improves bodily functions in the broadest sense of the word. Chi-Gong as a therapy is a very important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Chi-gong medicly  has a preventive function and when practiced the right way one can improve and support bodily psychic and functions. When practicis Chi-Gong one learns to have full focus. This focussed concentration makes it possible to reach a level on which a very high sensitization arises of our powers of observation. This allows us to get a real connection with the nature around us.

In ancient China the rationale was that sick, illnes from old age and other physical discomforts – for example those caused by difficult periods such as wars, were alleviated and healed by a special exercise program.

Chi-gong can be defined as follows: Chi is the oxygin, the energy which one obtains through breathing, the climate and food. Gong means the time one spends on the excersise.

That combination provides a description that most closely matches the following, when practiced regular for a certain period of time one can cultivate Chi and harnes it.

Chi-gong is the is the actual basis for the now well-known traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as accuprssure and accupunture and Chinese herbalism. The Chinese indigenous people practice Chi-gong with persuasion. This is of course not surprising when one considers that it results in a rich array of benefits.

Chi-gong is can be defined as:

  • life-extending
  • healing
  • calming
  • vitilizingn

Make Chi-gong a habit

On first sight Chi-gong seems a slow fysical movement. But with practice and dediction one can start harnessing chi energy and accomplish great abilities.

Chi-gong-energyOne of this ability is to direct the cultivated energy internally to heal different parts of your body. Energy directed from the body can also be used to heal other people or animals (also called Reiki). The level on which one is able to send energy and heal others is demands long,  intense and focussed practitioning of Chi-Gong.

Chi-gong can in this way be used to heal neck pain and tension or arthritis

There is nothig mysterious about this form of healing, most people in the west just have never heard or experienced it. By practicing one will first hand experience the effects Chi-gong.

In the early days of the healing practises of Chi-gong the knowledge about this healing-form was only shared in a few circles and kept secret in wealthy families. Chi-gong teacher only taught a select few. Nowadays this is not longer the case and the information is widely shared. But there are still not many teachers outside of China that teach Chi-gong the correct way.

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