Qigong for Arthritis and Pain My Spring Forest Qigong Healing Story

Last updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:15 pm

Four years ago I fell off a log and shattered my leg in lots of places and it broke in the knee joint, too. The osteo doctor I went to said, Oh, youre going to have debilitating arthritis. Youre going to need a knee replacement within five years.
I kind of put out into the universe that I needed help healing my leg and Spring Forest Qigong ended up on my email. I learned about Chunyi through that. I ordered the CDs, Level One and Two and I did those and after four months I had to re-learn to walk again but the qigong helped me tremendously and it turns out that my leg healed perfectly. That joint line is flawless and there isnt anything that I cant do now that I could do before. And, in fact, Im in better shape now that Ive been in probably 25 years.
The X-rays show perfect healing. Flawless. The right thing came to me when I asked for it and that was Spring Forest Qigong.

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