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Qigong for Neck Pain, Tension, and Arthritis Daily Routine

Qigong for Neck Pain, Tension, and Arthritis Daily Routine w/ Jeffrey Chand

Qigong for Arthritis and Pain in the Neck

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By far, neck pain, tension, arthritis, and weakness is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. Many people suffer with neck pain for a variety of reasons. If it is left untreated neck tension and pain can lead to premature vertebrae degeneration and arthritis. The good news is dealing with neck tension is actually quite easy.

In this routine I’ll show you an exercise called Tiger Emerging. Imagine that you are a calm, quiet tiger waiting inside a cool cave… then in an instant you emerge out of the cave and pounce on your unsuspecting ‘dinner!’ That is the energy and visualization you can use in this exercise. 

Over time this simple routine can help strengthen the muscles in the back, neck, shoulders, and mid back so that you can hold your body in good alignment. This also helps the qi of the lungs, heart, pericardium, and sanjiao meridian flow smoothly. Try and practice this routine everyday for 2 weeks and I am certain you will notice a benefit! 

If you want to add to this routine you can also practice this routine http://www.qigongforvitality.com/qigong-for-neck-and-shoulder-tension-and-strength/ as well.

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