Qigong for Severe Chronic Pain My Spring Forest Qigong Healing Story

Norman Axe, Wynnewood, PA, Arthritis and Severe Chronic Pain
Norman Axe has been studying karate for some forty years and teaching it nearly as long. Several years ago, he developed severe pain in his right shoulder. The doctor took an x-ray told him you have arthritis in your shoulder and you have no cartilage. The doctor didnt offer any hope so Norman looked into alternatives.
He heard about Chunyi Lin, ordered the Spring Forest Qigong home study courses and started doing the exercises and healing techniques for his shoulder. “I was breathing into the shoulder seeing the pain turn to air or smoke each night before I went to sleep, and it got better and better and better. I went back to the doctor months later and showed him the improvement. He said, ‘there is no way you should be able to do what youre doing. You should be in excruciating pain. I can’t explain how you can do it but whatever youre doing dont stop.'”
“I’m fascinated and thrilled with all the results I’ve had. I can now punch fully with my arm. Now when I teach I have the full motion. Im 76 years old. I have to thank qigong and Master Chunyi Lin. Im so excited about what he has done for me. I hear a lot of stories about everybody else but I know what he has done for me and I am just thrilled.”


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