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Qi Gong Routine for Stress, Anxiety, and Energy

A full qi gong routine led by Jeff Chand to help with relieving stress, anxiety, and increase your energy levels. Jeff Chand guides you through this qigong routine showing you exactly how to perform each qigong exercise.

Opening Exercise

This is a well-known basic qigong exercise where you gather the qi from the ether. Starting with your hands on the side of your body making an upwards oval circle with each hand your palms should be facing the direction of the movement. When you rise your hands breath in deeply and breath out when you reach the top and lower your hands. You are gathering the qi and pushing it into your dan-tien.
This qigong warm up exercise is in many cases performed in the beginning of a qigong routine to gather qi that you will use in following exercises. It also helps you calm down your body and mind, relax and destress. This an excellent exercise to start your day with.

Parting the Clouds

Similar to the previous exercise, you make an oval shape with your hand only now making the shape inward. With this exercise the qi moves upwards making which makes this great for cleansing your body and removing energy blocks. When you move your hands upwards breath in deeply and breath out when moving your hands down.

Big Circle

Separate your feet a little more and stretch the right arm. Now make a big circle with your hands while moving your whole body. Like you’re turning a large wheel counterclockwise. Your palms must face the direction of the movement. Do this 9 times and then change direction.
A great exercise for balancing the body.

Prayer Wheel

Turn to one side, one foot forward the other backwards at a 45 ° angle, your hips facing the directions of your front foot. Placing your palms together you make a inwards circle, breathing as your hand come down the center and breathing out when you push forward. After 9 times change direction.

Cloud Hands

In this exercise you slide the center of body from one side to the other while holding one hand up and the other down. When you move to the right you place your right hand up and left hand down, and the left vise-versa.

Horse Stance

From the basic stance lift both arms taking a deep breath in, holding the position at shoulder height and breath out. With arms slightly bent like hugging a tree, keep breathing deeply in and out in a relaxed manner. You might feel the muscles after a while but you must not feel any pain in your joints.

Thank you Jeff!
This video is a compilation of several full length qigong videos.
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