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Qi Gong Routine for Stress, Anxiety, and Energy

A full qi gong routine led by Jeff Chand to help with relieving stress, anxiety, and increase your energy levels. Jeff Chand guides you through this qigong routine showing you exactly how to perform each qigong exercise. Opening Exercise This is a well-known basic qigong exercise where you gather the qi from the ether. Starting with your hands on the …

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Qigong for neck and shoulder tension, arthritis, and strength with Jeff Chand

Here is a routine that will help reduce neck and shoulder tension, pain and arthritis, and will help increase your strength Come join us for a free 7 day trial and access all our full length qigong videos! https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv Qigong for Neck and Shoulder Tension and Strength Join our newsletter if you would like to receive our newest qigong videos …

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Qigong Ecstasy and Group Healing with Robert Peng

Awesome Qigoing Documentary 14 weeks online course starts on February 2 Saturday: YI JIN JING – 14 Weeks of BodyMind Transformation https://www.penguniversity.com/?pa=786D43481B&subid=YT About Robert Peng: https://www.robertpeng.com Free Download full version of audiobook(4.5 hrs) and 2 Qigong videos for a limited time: https://www.robertpeng.com/100-Days-of-Darkness-and-Light-Audiobook/ Robert Peng is a qigong master trained by a legendary monk named Xiao Yao during the cultural revolution. …

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